Division Memorandum

Division Memorandum no. DM-ACC-231- Consolidation of Financial Accountability Reports

Division Memorandum no. DM-OSDS-CID-230 – Results of the National Competitions on Storybook Writing

Division Memorandum no. DM-OSDS-2020-229 – Official List of Participants for the Division Webinar on Developing Interactive E-Book

Division Memorandum no. DM-CID-2020-228 – Results of the Regional Search for the 3Bs Iniative Best School and Division Implementers

Division Memorandum no. DM-OSDS-2020-227-Postponement of Phase III and IV of the RPMS Cycle for SY 2019-2020

Division Memorandum no. DM-OSDS-2020-225-Survey on the Opening of Classes for SY 2020-2021

Division Memorandum no. DM-CID-2020-224-Submission of SF7 and Teacher Needs

Division Memorandum no. DM-CID-2020-223-Corrigendum and Addendum to Division Memorandum no. DM-CID-2020-222 Re; Division Online Checking of Promotional Forms.

Division Memorandum no. DM-CID-2020- 222 – Division Online Checking of Promotional Forms

Division Memorandum no. DM-ACC-2020-219-Moratorium on All Loan Payments of GSIS Members Affected by Covid-19

Division Memorandum no. DM-OSDS-2020-2018-Security of Schools and Safety of Security Personnel

Division Memorandum no. DM-OSDS-2020-217 – Official Website of the Schools Division of Ilocos Norte

Division Memorandum no. DM-ACC-2020-216 – Three Month Moratorium on Provident Fund Loans Without Imposing Additional Interest

Division Memorandum no. DM-OSDS-2020-215 – Registration of Single Source of Truth (SST) at the School Level.

Regional Memorandum

RM no. 194, s. 2020 – Bawat Bata Bumabasa (3Bs) Initiative Regional Best School and SDO Implementers

RM no. 190, s. 2020 – Reminder on the Responsible Use of Social Media Platforms

RM no. 186, s. 2020 – Postponement of the First Quarter Regional Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment for the Regional Office Proper and Schools Division Offices

RM no. 185, s. 2020 – Online Submission of Special Order by 2019-2020 and Tuition and other Fees Sy 2021-2020 of Private Schools in Region 1

RM no. 184, s. 2020 – Online Profiling of DepEd Region 1 Laerning Facilitators

RM no. 183, s. 2020 – Security and Vital Facilities/Structures in the Schools and Division Offices

RM no. 181, s. 2020 – Online Request for Special Order & Application for Tuition fee Increase, No Tuition Fee Increae, and Proposed New Fees of Private Schools in Region 1

RM no. 180, s. 2020 – On Year, One Story (OYOS) 2020 Project

RM no. 179, S. 2020 – Submission of Complete List of K to 12 LR Buffer Stocks and ALS Modules from DepEd Central Office

National Issuances

DepEd Orders

DepEd Memorandum

DepEd Memorandum no. 46, s. 2020 – Fourth Quarter Mathematics learning Competency Audit

DepEd Memorandum no. 45, s. 2020 – RPMS Guidelines for SY 2019-200 Year End Activities in Light of COVID-19 Measures

OM-OSEC-2020-006 – Reminder to Refrain from Using ATM Payroll Cards as Collateral for Loans or Engaging in the ATM Sangla Scheme

OUA Memo 00-0420-0059 – Earth Day Online Initiatives

EMB Earth day Online Activities

OUA Memo 00-0420-0058 – Free Access of DepEd Commons for Globe Subscribers and Other Collaborative Activities of DepEd with Globe Telecom, Inc.

OUA-Memo 00-0420-0042 Recommending the Use of Microsoft Teams Workplace by Facebook and Google Meet in Video Conferencing

DepEd Task Force Covid-19 Memorandum no. 029

DepEd Advisories

Provident Fund Moratorium


Approving The Recommendation To Increase The Allowable Amount Of Advance Payment And Issuance Of A Circular On The Guidelines For Emergency Procurement Under Republic Act No. 11469 Or The Bayanihan To Heal As One Act

GSIS Moratorium on All Loan Payments of GSIS Members Affected by Covid-19

Filing and Submission of the Revised Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) Form for the Year 2020