I. Agency’s Mandate, Vision, Mission and List of Officials

a. The Agency’s Mandates, Vision, Mission and Functions

b. List of Officials, Position, Designation and contact information

II. Annual Financial Report

a. Financial Accountability Reports

a.6 FY 2018

a.6.1 FAR No. 1
a.6.2 Summary Report on Disbursements
a.6.3 BAR no. 1
1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
a.6.4 FAR no. 5
a.6.5 Financial Plan

a.5 FY 2017

a.5.1 FAR No. 1
a.5.2 Summary Report on Disbursements
a.5.3 BAR no. 1
a.5.4 FAR no. 5
a.5.5 Financial Plan

a.4 FY 2016

a.4.1 FAR No. 1
a.4.2 Summary Report on Disbursements
a.4.3 BAR no. 1
1st Quarter
2nd to 4th Quarter
a.4.4 FAR no. 5
a.4.5 Financial Plan

a.3 FY 2015

a.3.1 FAR No. 1
a.3.2 Summary Report on Disbursements
a.3.3 BAR no. 1
3rd & 4th Quarter
a.3.4 FAR no. 5
a.3.5 Financial Plan

a.2 FY 2014

a.2.1 FAR No. 1
a.2.2 Summary Report on Disbursements
a.2.3 BAR no. 1
a.2.4 FAR no. 5
a.2.5 Financial Plan

a.1 FY 2013

a.1.1 FAR No. 1
a.1.2 Summary Report on Disbursements
a.1.3 BAR no. 1
a.1.4 FAR no. 5
a.1.5 Financial Plan

III. DBM Approved Budgets and Targets


IV. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation


V. Annual Procurement Plan

APP 2020
APP 2020 – CSE
APP 2019
APP 2019 – CSE
2018 APP – Non CSE
2018 APP – CSE

VI. Quality Management System Certified by International Certifying Body

ISO Certification

VII. System of Ranking Delivery Units